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PARNAS welcomes you all to our website! In this website you will gather information regarding PARNAS products as well as contact details.
PARNAS operates in the lubricant industry over 25 years achieving great share of the market as well as the trust of its customers. Equally important is the penetration of the company into foreign markets by exporting lubricant products both in Europe and Asia.
PARNAS is aiming high.
We are passionate with our work.
We adore quality.
We follow the highest international standards and developments in the international market.
We are cooperating with the largest additives companys for lubricants and fuels.
We are testing our lubricant products in high technology institutes by conducting laboratory and mechanical trials.
We meet approvals from all motor manufacturers.
In PARNAS we always get feedback from the customers in order to improve our products and offer better services.
We therefore offer products which are among the best.
In PARNAS the passion motivates us!

The plant is certified ISO 9001, produces a complete range of synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral lubricants for:
PARNAS apart from lubricants also produces:

A. Greases
B. Brake Fluids
C. Coolants & Antifreeze
D. Gear oils for manual & automatic gearboxes
E. Care Products

Our highly trained staff, the experience of the chemical engineering and consultancy, the long-term research by the Research and Technology Company and the supplies of raw materials from major foreign companies allow us to guarantee high quality products that exceed International Standard.
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